Our Process

We are equipped with 2 modern nonwoven manufacturing lines  which enable to process both natural fibre and glass fibre nonwovens.
Our nonwoven felts are produced through a carding/crosslapping/needlepunching process (see below). We are able to make various products, either fully from natural fibres, or blending a reinforcement fibre (natural  fibre or glass fibre) with thermoplastic fibres.



Carding :
This process aims to parallelize and individualize the fibres to create a consistent and resistant veil.

Crosslapping :
This step aims to superimpose several layers of veil in order to obtain the desired weight of mat. Through this operation, EcoTechnilin is able to produce nonwovens with surface weights ranging from 300 to 2400 g/m2.

Needlepunching :
Needlepunching is a process that uses barbed needles to interlink fibres to form a consistent and strong nonwoven mat. Therefore, the consolidation of needlepunched products is only made mechanically, without any chemical binder.


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7 Nov 2015


27 Oct 2015
FibriRock: “Best Material” award


26 Oct 2015
EcoTechnilin has the pleasure to announce you its 20th anniversary 7th November.


17 Mar 2015
EcoTechnilin received JEC Innovation Award 2015, "Sustainability" category, thanks to its new product FibriRock.